About Me

I’m President of TenXList. I graduated from Tufts University in Spring 2015 and majored in Computer Science. I was also Co-Captain of Tufts Tamasha dance team. I founded The Violet Society in October 2013. For more about me take a look at my Linkedin Profile or check out my Resume.

I am enthralled with Educational Technology and Design. My favorite sites to keep track of Ed Tech trends are Hack EducationEd Surge, and Mind/Shift. Other sites I love include Hacker NewsJezebelTechCrunch, and Fast Company Design. I love Twitter and Quora, and check out my Github too.

I love reading magazines (like Wired and New York), dancing (Bollywood, Hip Hop, and Jazz are my favorites), writing (on Medium), watching TV (favorite shows include Community and Arrested Development), and cooking (I love Artichokes and Arugula).

I would love to say hi. Email me here.